2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner Ditch Light Brackets

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*****Currently awaiting Powdercoat. Estimated ship date of Febuary 1, 2022*****


2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner (4th Generation) Ditch Light Brackets - Designed specifically to be used with Baja Designs S1 or S2, for the most streamlined / minimalistic look. -Provides the full functionality of a true ditch light and eliminates the wind noise and hood glare, opposed to a traditional hood mounted bracket. -Will still allow the mirror to be folded in, on tight trails and will still stay within the confines of the folded mirror. Installation requires removal of the door panel and side view mirror, as the bracket sandwiches between the mirror and door body . ****The front corner of the sideview mirror will need to be drilled with a 1/4" hole to accept the wiring into the door.**** *I cannot guarantee fitment with any other lights, unfortunately * Ships within 10-15 days, upon order